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Thousands of Saskatchewan home sellers have shared their positive experiences with us, and we couldn’t be more proud. Their stories help other Canadians learn that they, too, can sell their homes and save thousands in commission.
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Property sold in Regina - Lakeridge
I sold
Pam & Darcy saved more than $31,000*
Regina - Lakeridge - October 26, 2018
Selling with ComFree was a totally positive experience! I had 8 days of open house and believe that was the best tool for selling. People came each and every day that I was open. The website was very helpful, photos were awesome!
Property sold in Regina - Maple Ridge
I sold
Kayla & Jody saved more than $27,000*
Regina - Maple Ridge - October 18, 2018
The advertising of ComFree in a tough market is what helped us achieve a sale on our home. Great customer service!
Property sold in Regina - Sherwood Estates
I sold
Megan saved more than $16,000*
Regina - Sherwood Estates - September 28, 2018
ComFree was a great option that allowed us to save
Property sold in Yorkton
I sold
Grant saved more than $16,000*
Yorkton - September 28, 2018
Having direct communications with our prospective buyers was key. We were able to answer all their questions first hand. Being able to communicate with people and therefore know what was going on was a great advantage. A very good experience with ComFree; would do again!
Property sold in Cupar
I sold
Tracy & Terrance
Cupar - August 5, 2018
April is a great asset to ComFree. I have dealt with her twice and she made both experiences great. I would recommend her 100%.
Property sold in Regina - Hillsdale
I sold
Noel & Greg saved more than $16,000*
Regina - Hillsdale - July 30, 2018
We are glad we went the ComFree route. The current market in our area is soft and we were able to realize the full amount of our selling price. We were surprised at the number of calls, emails, etc. we received. We would (already have) definitely recommend the ComFree process to others.
Property sold in White City
I sold
Darrell & Heather saved more than $24,000*
White City - July 22, 2018
ComFree was great to deal with. I was surprised to see how many people were looking at our house online.
Property sold in Regina - Coronation Park
I sold
Scott & Bethany saved more than $13,000*
Regina - Coronation Park - July 15, 2018
Smooth and intuitive process with usable resources. Thankful for the savings that will go a long way. Set the price right and you'll do fine.
Property sold in Regina - Wood Meadows
I sold
Penny Gress saved more than $12,000*
Regina - Wood Meadows - July 12, 2018
Awesome staff - April & Sherri - who assisted & helped along each step of the way!!I would recommend ComFree 100 Percent!
Property sold in Regina - Lakeview
I sold
Tiffany & Layne saved more than $20,000*
Regina - Lakeview - July 11, 2018
ComFree was easy to deal with and answered all of our questions. Surprised by how many showings we got. The Open House we held sold our house! Thankful for all the savings!

* When compared to an average commission of 5%, rounded down to the nearest thousand.