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*In Saskatchewan and Quebec, the services are provided to private sellers through a "for-sale-by-owner" model. In Alberta, Ontario and Manitoba, the services to homeowners are provided by ComFree Commonsense Network, a brokerage duly registered in each of those three provinces under the applicable real estate legislations. Learn more.

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More than 31,000 successful home sellers across Canada have shared their positive experiences with us, and we couldn’t be more proud. Their stories help other Canadians learn that they, too, can sell their homes and save thousands in commission.
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Property sold in Guelph
I sold
Andreas saved more than $26,000*
Guelph - November 27, 2018
Very happy with experience
Property sold in Belleville
I sold
Richard saved more than $14,000*
Belleville - November 27, 2018
Excellent service, and knowledge. Every step was very easy! Thank you.
Property sold in Hammond
I sold
Francis saved more than $11,000*
Hammond - November 23, 2018
The initial experience was good with a lot of support and documentation to put the seller at ease of listing with ComFree over going the traditional Real Estate Agent route. The customer support agent in charge of creating a listing was professional and providing nice photos as well as a clear pricing plan.
Property sold in Leamington
I sold
Carrie saved more than $16,000*
Leamington - November 19, 2018
Amazing! The customer support at ComFree was exceptional, thank you!
Property sold in Kanata
I sold
Morgan saved more than $21,000*
Kanata - November 17, 2018
Sold our house in 7 days for asking price! Our experience was great!
Property sold in Plantagenet
I sold
Kim saved more than $13,000*
Plantagenet - November 11, 2018
AMAZING!! It was so much easier that we thought it would be at first. We had great help and advice from the ComFree agent who visited our house initially. She took beautiful pictures that attracted a lot of visitors. She also suggested a price that was just right and more than we thought we could get. Our house sold in a couple of months. Plus, we saved thousands of dollars!! I would recommend ComFree to anyone who talks to me about selling their home. Thank you!
Property sold in Wooler
I sold
Wooler - November 10, 2018
AWESOME. Hassle free. Extremely informative. NO pressure. If we had any questions ComFree responded very quickly. Overall awesome experience WILL REFER!!
Property sold in Stittsville
I sold
Amy saved more than $14,000*
Stittsville - November 10, 2018
Excellent! 3rd time using's the only way to sell a house!
Property sold in Nepean
I sold
Jennifer saved more than $22,000*
Nepean - November 8, 2018
amazing - cant believe it sold so quickly - we are pleased
Property sold in Windsor
I sold
Jane Marjorie
Windsor - November 7, 2018

* When compared to an average commission of 5%, rounded down to the nearest thousand. May not include remuneration paid to the buyer’s agent, if any.