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Looking for a house, condo, or plex in Saskatchewan? ComFree.com is a destination you can’t afford to miss. Your dream home awaits!

A personalized experience

The process stays in your hands

Buying a ComFree home means you and the homeowner will communicate directly with one another, instead of relying on intermediaries. Opening up the lines of communication can save you time, prevent misunderstandings, and make the experience more enjoyable for everyone.


The tools and information you need to buy a home

  • Personal email alerts
  • Legal documents with explanations
  • Information on the home-buying process

How does home buying work?

The perfect debut

Getting ready to buy a property

Buying a home is an adventure! But there are some things you have to know to make smart choices. Whether you’re thinking about buying a single-family home, condo, duplex, or any other type of property in Saskatchewan, it’s a good idea to start by considering the following topics:

  • Determining your needs
  • Calculating related fees and the down payment
  • Buying your home without a real estate agent
  • Buying your home with a real estate agent


Getting preapproved for a mortgage helps you limit your search and shows sellers that you’re serious. Your financial institution’s mortgage specialist or a mortgage broker will explain the types of mortgage that are best for your financial situation. Here are a few topics to read up on before your appointment:

  • Financing to buy a home
  • Home-buyers financial assistance programs
  • Real estate financing glossary

Looking for and viewing homes

Tracking down your dream home is all about knowing what to look for and asking the right questions. This section has helpful tips for making the most of the time you spend house-hunting, whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’ve bought before.

  • Deciding on the neighbourhood you’d like to live in
  • Getting the most out of home viewing
  • Assessing a home’s market value

Making an offer to purchase and closing the deal

The final steps in becoming the owner of a new home are negotiating, making an offer to purchase, and finalizing the sale with a notary or lawyer. Here are a few topics to familiarize yourself with before beginning your sprint to the finish:

  • Negotiating with the seller
  • Making an offer to purchase and meeting the conditions
  • Getting the home inspected
  • Legal warranty (or warranty of quality)
  • Declaration of the seller
  • Certificate of localisation
  • The transfer of ownership

House-hunting tools

Personal email alerts

Get an email alert when a new listing matching your search criteria is advertised on ComFree.com!

To create personal email alerts, begin by searching for homes with the criteria you’re looking for. Then complete all fields on the form that pops up onscreen. That’s all there is to it — you’ll receive an alert whenever a new property for sale meeting your criteria is posted on the ComFree website.

Set up email alerts


Find your favourites in the blink of an eye!

Click on the Add to My Favourites tab and the listing you’re looking at is saved under the heading My Favourites on your Buyer’s account dashboard. You can go back to check the listing instantly without having to do another search.